Through the planetary Void

Surreal sounds and dark emptiness of space is what describes Jan Nemecek’s ambient epic “Through The Planetary Void”. It was concieved as a soundtrack to a complete ambient journey. Beginning with a reflection of pure, simple frequency across the galaxy while travelling through lush soundscape of unheard sounds, “Through The Planetary Void” manages to evoke sounds from an alien planet, visions of vast space only surpassed by the unknown of the “Planetary Void”.

This project was originally recorded as an hour-long voyage into space, using instruments that we can only associate with something familiar, even earthly, while contrasting the eerie sounds from space never heard by any human. “Through The Planetary Void” manages to encompass a plethora of genres – from unearthly beautiful textures, world percussion and sounds to the rawness of dark ambience.

Clocking in at just under hour, “Planetary Void” takes you on an excursion into unknown and unexplored depths of space, strange planets and evokes imagery of alien dawns, all that “outside the known universe”.

Album credits:
Composed and recorded by: Jan Nemeček
Produced and mixed by: Jan Nemeček and Vojin Šarčević
Original artwork: Predrag Miladinović

01. Intro (In Space)
02. Expecting Planet
03. Sign
04. Landing
05. Star Maps
06. Dawn On Another Planet
07. Moon Trace
08. Eternal Lights
09. Approaching Part 1
10. Approaching Part 2
11. Instability
12. Outside The Known Universe
13. Fading Way
14. The Void

Originally released in 2005. on Blue Water Records.
The album has been discontinued and is available only as a free download.


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